Type of CCTV Cameras


Closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras transmit analog information through coaxial cables to a Digital Video Recorder (DVR). DVRs digitize data so video can be efficiently archived, searched and analyzed. There are many types of CCTV cameras that can be tailored to fit a variety of indoor and outdoor applications.
After installation, fixed CCTV cameras remain affixed in one direction at all times. These cameras provide constant coverage of a specific area. Fixed cameras are often visible, enabling them to help deter illicit activity. Additionally, many fixed cameras can be used with interchangeable lenses and housings to suit a particular surveillance scenario. For example, fixed dome cameras are popular for their durability.
Pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) cameras cover more ground than fixed cameras and are quite flexible in their coverage. Pan and tilt functions enable the camera to cover a larger area than fixed cameras. Zoom capabilities allow the viewing of fine details, while preserving the ability to zoom out to a wide field of view. Often housed in glass domes, PTZ cameras are often smaller, more discreet and aesthetic than their fixed counterparts. PTZ cameras can be wall or ceiling mounted, and also come in pendant models.
Day/night CCTV cameras produce images in lowlight and even complete darkness. Using near infrared (IR) light undetectable to the human eye, day/night cameras produce black and white images in darkness. Some models feature built-in IR lights to provide invisible illumination, bolstering the camera’s night video capabilities. During daylight, the cameras produce full color video.
Indoor CCTV cameras are ideal for residential, retail and office use. Available in fixed or PTZ models, indoor cameras can be discreet or visible depending on placement and design. Most indoor CCTV cameras aren’t as hazard-resistant as their outdoor counterparts, but some are designed to be durable against tampering, vandalism, moisture and dust. Many indoor CCTV cameras feature day/night functionality for surveillance in complete darkness.
Outdoor CCTV cameras are encased in weatherproof housing to protect components from wind, moisture, dust and other hazards. IP66 and IP67-rated housings offer the utmost protection from harsh weather and corrosion. In some cases, outdoor cameras are strong enough to withstand tampering attempts and extreme temperatures. Outdoor cameras can also be used in hazardous indoor environments, such as warehouses and laboratories. Many outdoor CCTV cameras have day/night functionality, making them ideal for around the clock surveillance.
CCTV technology is flexible enough to accommodate multiple types of CCTV cameras within a single system. DVRs support numerous camera makes, so it’s easy to design a system that supports a variety of camera types, including fixed, PTZ, day/night, indoor and outdoor models.


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