DG50 Digital Calling System

This system helps to manage customer flow in an orderly manner. It can call the queue number / running serial number on customers’ receipt printed by the merchant’s POS (Point of Sales) system.

This is an economical, simple and straight forward system consists of one counter terminal & one LED display. No ticket printer is required and thus helps to reduce system cost.



The DG50 wireless system is an ideal solution that helps to improve customer service by eliminating standing queue in front of service counter. Turn numbers issued to customers help to ensure that they are served orderly and fairly. Running serial number printed on point of sales receipt or bill can be used as turn number for calling the customers. This approach helps to eliminate the need of a ticket printer and reduces operational cost in the long run. DG50 offers the flexibility in allowing turn numbers to be called in sequence or in random number by using a Counter Terminal. The system is well suited for
• Supermarkets
• Small clinics
• Food courts
• Utility payment counters, etc.
One or more remote Counter Displays, wirelessly linked to the Counter Terminal, display the called number to the waiting customers. A ding-dong tone helps to alert the customers when a number is called.


  • Affordable and easy to use
  • Large display digits
  • Low profile counter keypad
  • Wireless connectivity simplifies the installation
  • Supports up to 4 remote Counter Displays


Technical Specification

Parameter Description
Counter Terminal
Model CT50W
Display 1-line, 16-character LCD
Controller Low power flash micro controller
Buzzer Integrated
Data interface 10/100 mbps Ethernet and WiFi
Next, Call, Store, View Store (next & previous) and Delete Stored
Power consumption 1.4W
Casing Moulded ABS plastic, dark grey
Dimension 135L x 90W x 28H mm
Weight 165g
Counter Display
Model CD50W
LED display 3” high, 4-digit, 7-segment super bright, red colour
Counter number Vinyl sticker label (optional)
Speaker Integrated
Audio tone Electronic chime, adjustable volume
Data interface 10/100 mbps Ethernet and WiFi
Wireless range 10m
Input voltage DC 12V
Power consumption 6W
Casing Moulded ABS plastic, dark grey
Mounting Wall mounted or ceiling suspended
Accessories (optional) 1” pipe and back bracket (for ceiling suspended)
Dimension, weight Without back bracket: 124H x 434Wx 38D mm, 830gWith back bracket: 124H x 434W x 73D mm, 910g
Type Approval
Certification body SIRIM (Malaysia)
Standard MCMC MTSFB TC T007:2014
Approval no. CT50W: REBN/04A/1117/S(17-3516)CD50W: REBN/05A/1117/S(17-3515)



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