QMS700i Queue Management System

This is a robust and reliable system with powerful embedded queue processor features fanless design and Flash memory storage which make it a better fault tolerant system.

The system uses the ubiquitous Ethernet as the networking technology, offering high communication speed, network reliability and easy fault isolation.

Main features:

  • Web base solutions
  • Dashboard views
  • Wireless support
  • System reliability & durability
  • Easy installation & configuration
  • QMS app support


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Queue management system (QMS) has become an indispensable tool for any establishment that provides counter services. It helps to ensure the customers are served in an orderly and fair manner. It also provides the tools to monitor and measure service performance parameters which ultimately will drive the counter staff to be more efficient and productive. QMS has become a necessity that the service providers and customers come to depend on because of the many benefits that it offers.

QMS700i is designed to be a robust and reliable queue management system that fullfils this goals. The system designs use durable components and reliable technologies. Its powerful embedded Queue Processor features fanless design and Flash memory storage, which makes it a better fault tolerant system. The system uses the ubiquitous Ethernet as the networking technology, offering high communication speed, network reliability and easy fault isolation. Ticket number displays use solid segment LED modules that offer high visibility and clarity, and have very long operational life. High speed ticket printer delivers the queue ticket in a split second.

Some of the key system features are:

  • Web BasedSolutions System monitoring, reporting, maintenance and control can be performed remotely via standard web browser.  No software installation is needed. Web interface also offers ease of use and reduces learning time.
  • Dashboard Views Allow key performance parameters to be monitored easily in real time. Each user can customize the dashboard view to his/her preferences and the system stores them under each user profile.
  •  Wireless Support The system can operate completely on WiFi  wireless network. This greatly simplifies installation works and  reduces system setup time. The wireless transmission is secured using WPA2 encryption.
  • System Durability & Reliability Time proven durable LED displays with constant current drive technology ensures the displays are long lasting. Use of Ethernet technology as the system wide network interface provides a fast, reliable and dependable communication network over conventional RS232 or RS485 network. It also enables Power over Ethernet (POE) to be deployed which allows power to be delivered to the device over the same network cable.
  • Easy Installation and Configuration The default QMS configuration uses a self-contained network which automatically assigned its local IP addresses. Only one external IP address is required to link up with the user’s network. Standard CAT 5e cabling with modular jack termination makes the system wiring works extremely simple.
  • QMS App Support The mobile app offers great convenience and time saving to the customers. The customers can request tickets remotely and receive notifications when their turns are approaching.

Features are:

  • Fully web based solutions
  • Dashboard status views
  • Online queue status and reports
  • Unlimited services & multiple service priorities
  • Support alphanumeric ticket number
  • Fanless embedded queue processor
  • Super fast and extremely durable printer
  • Reliable and lasting LED displays
  • Encrypted ethernet communication using TLS 1.2
  • Ethernet communication network with data encryption
  • Support wireless network, IEEE 802.11 b/g/n and WPA2 compliant
  • Corporate QMS network ready


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